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DefaultThe Hacking system, Called "Ghost"


curiousier and curiousier

*throws a brick*


Ab Initio

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Prominent community members often get in-game items named after them in Funcom games. Happened all the time in AO. You should be honored.


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I didn't think I was particularly prominent.....
...But I hope it's my fault and not just a play on the drag of past media (ghost programs, et al)


Ab Initio

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Your apparel thread became the definitive thread about "threads", so to speak. Ragnar even referenced it a couple times on Twitter. No doubt it gave the Devs plenty of inspiration for clothing options over the years.

Although, FC usually names items after players which actually relate to why they were famous, and this seems like more of a pun, so who knows.


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well lol congrats are in order i believe /applaud


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Originally Posted by FallenL0rd View Post
well lol congrats are in order i believe /applaud
I quite agree. /applaud


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I was confused until I looked at your name.


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Let's not forget the "There is no street team" thread!

I think with launch coming, it may be just about time to start some of that up...
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Congratulations, Mr Hack Sir. I saulte you.


Keep it up, whoever behind this

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