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This time 5 years ago I was mad grinding Vanguard. I remember because all I did was rave about AO to everyone in my guild, so when this was announced they all started asking me what I thought. There wasn't a lot of info to go on then, just teaser posters, forums, and hints of ARGs, but I said, Yeah, I'm going to play it. Who wouldn't?


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I have been lurking around this place for five years now? Man, thats like, a "significant" portion of a lifetime...

Oh well, good times at least.

Cheers everyone!


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5 years is longer than the lifespan of many games!


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yaaay 5 years yaaaay

happy bday


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Weeeee! Hard to believe it's been that long! Here's to 5 more!


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Wow. Happy birthday, ARGonauts.



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5 years wow it really has been a long trip. I will say what is on everyone's mind.......finally its time to play the actual game.


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LET'S FILL THE TABLES GUYS! Hell, even the Templars can come.
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5 years certainly is a significant time.

Alas I was not here during the very first months. I came here in the following febuary 2008. And saw just what I had missed. The rather quiet, but polite, friendly and helpful community, that was already here, had a uniqueness that I had seen in only one other forum. And when I saw the ARGs I and the tight knit friendly, co operative people. I could see how that uniqueness had formed, and had genuine admiration.

Was not here from the very start, but I soon took to the place, and was really made to feel welcome. I always remembered that, and while not always successful, tried to pass on the same kindness I was shown.

Happy Birthday TSW community, thank you so very much, all of you who came here, and maintained that old co operative spirit. Past and present.
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