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DefaultYet another scenario build question offence or defence?

I'm still adjusting my build and for a number of reasons I've decided to remove 12 gouge and surging blades but I'm not sure if it would be better to be offensive or defensive with my line up. If I go offensive I'll put in steel echo and a multiplier like lethality (or if I can find one that works with a frenzy/blast build a passive cleanse. If I go defensive I'll put in martial discipline + regeneration 50% glance + moderate controlled heal. So what do people able to run them regularly think is better quicker killing or more resistance to the large number of hits some mobs do?


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DefaultDepends on you!

In order to give you accurate info on the matter, we need more info!

Your build
Your stats
Your experiences

What do i mean with the last part, we need to know how you're doing in scenarios. Where do you feel like you're lacking, do you die often- Do you feel like you're not killing fast enough?

I'm going to assume Sword hammer, but it could be shotgun- Still not enough intel

Also Steel echo is not a very strong buff and has a 60sec cooldown. If shotgun breaching shot will at least help you clear stuff much quicker when you really need that extra boost- While steel echo would work better if you had a proc based build.

Don't use regeneration, it's only active during martial discipline and you shouldn't die while martial disc is up anyway

Kill streak is a great passive if you're looking for damage.
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People seem to avoid the stacking DPS buffs since the uptime is not that great when you're fighting waves. By the time you get 5 stacks the wave is dead, and then they fall off before the next one starts. So anything that is up all the time or stacks on death (e.g., Kill Streak, Death Density) will tend to have better uptime.

You will need to do to things with the build: (1) stay alive; and (2) kill things before they kill your survivors.

If you're having problems because you are dying, then you need to add some survivability. Start by getting 4-5K HP, and then work on your healing power until you're not dying any more. One HP major or three blue Vigours + anima should be enough. Get one or two heal minors and work from there. Use whatever you're best geared for in terms of specific heals.

If you're having problems because your survivors are dying, then you need to add some damage. You may want to have single-target and AOE builders, but some people go with just AOE and all the rest movement and utility. What you use is going to depend on what you're best geared for. But remember that your main problem (other than dealing with stupid scenario tricks) will be killing large packs of trash as fast as possible, so build accordingly.


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Originally Posted by Heezdedjim View Post
People seem to avoid the stacking DPS buffs since the uptime is not that great when you're fighting waves. By the time you get 5 stacks the wave is dead, and then they fall off before the next one starts. So anything that is up all the time or stacks on death (e.g., Kill Streak, Death Density) will tend to have better uptime.
Death Density has horrible uptime.

I don't find Lethality or Twist the Knife has poor uptime though...


I deliberately didn't post my build as I wanted general opinions rather than specific feedback on my build (I will post it if you want and yes it is blade/hammer). My problem is on the NM attempts I never seem to have time to properly recover/control mobs as they spawn all over the map. Martial discipline + regen would give me an extra heal which seems to be my problem. I'll be on low health with all heals/protetion on cooldown and get killed then they kill a survivor. Maybe steel echo +perserverance for a steady ongoing heal though would be better though.


Don't die.
It's recoverable in Castle because the spawn is close to the survivors, but in Hotel and Mansion if you die the run back is so long that even if you make it back before you lose a survivor you're so far behind on killing time that at least one more wave will have spawned, maybe two.

You'll be fighting an uphill battle at that point just to get back into the stable state of killing each spawn wave before the next.

I still wouldn't recommend Regneration for the reasons mentioned above, but finding methods to stay up is critical to staying up on solo attempts.


If you have enough penetration, don't underestimate Arterial Pulse. It performs the best when you're starting to fall behind.

Also, I've found using Steel Echo / gadgets to finish off the 3rd (and typically last) spawn of any one spawn location helps get you out of combat and sprinting to the next node if it changes. (I usually use OOC sprint + celerity power-up to move from node to node instead of using dashes.) This also means that a lot of times it's better to keep a mob close and finish it off rather than dashing to the next node without sprint.

Explosive mines can also be really useful for getting out of combat and sprinting to the next node. Also, don't forget that the blue turret & first aid kit from the vendor basically pay for themselves so always having one of each when you enter a scenario can buy you the extra time when you really need it to keep a survivor alive.
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Yeah I'm using the kits but can never find the mines in hotel.

For those who care build is

1) Blade Torrent
2) Stell Palace
3) No Mercy
4) Mockingbird
5) Trucker
6) Steel Echo (Just in)
7) Unstoppable Force
8) Diamond Grit

1) Grievous
2) Undying
3) Piercing (Just in with accurate moved to Steel Echo in place of Rampant on Surging Blades)
4) Mending
5) Robust
6) Accurate
7) Inspiring

1) Leeching Frenzy
2) Breakdown
3) Shoot Em Up
4) Arterial Pulse
5) Perserverance (Just in)
6) Immortal Spirit
7) Cool Calm and Collected
8) Revved Up

Attack Rating: 3304
Healing Rating: 694
HP: 4318
Critical Rating: 279
Critical Power Rating: 180
Hit Rating: 334
Penetration Rating: 792
Block: 458

Head: Blue Laceration
Ring: Blue Vigour
Neck: Purple Belobog
Wrist: Blue Vigour
Luck: Subway Tokens
Waist: Purple Thirst
Occult: Purple Ablation
Blade: Blue Breaching
Hammer: Blue Aggression
Chainsaw: Green Mod
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I use the following build to solo group-elite scenarios.

Attack: 2348
Heal: 1285
Health: 4846
(head - attack // 2x major - attack // 1 major- heal // 2 minor - HP / 1 minor - heal)

Critical Rating 746
Penetration Rating 832
Critical Power 275
Hit Rating 286

Notable Signets:
Laceration, Ablation, Equilibrium, Thirst, Aggression, Sadism

Blade Torrent
Steel Palace
Art of War
Dancing Blades
Martial Discipline
Scorched Earth

Flight of Daggers
Iron Maiden
Immortal Spirit
Leeching Frenzy
Assidious Burn

Notes: No defensive glyphs means low survivability, thus martial discipline + illusion + AoW is a kind of a necessity, Dancing Blades can be eventually swapped for Surging Blades.

Lethality should be the one to remove if you want to add a different DPS passive.
Regeneration should be the one to remove if you want to add a different survival / heal passive.

Sadism is the best choice for Sword. Laceration for head, Aggression/Breaching for off-hand.

Other passives worth considering:
12 Gauge
Switching Flight of Daggers for Fluid, Probability or CCC (in case you want to have some defensive glyphs) and getting some affliction dealing passive (like shoot em up)
Twist the Knife
One in Chamber
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